crowdreaping (n.)


A form of crowdfunding in which blockchain technology is used to secure the funds as well as to guarantee investors a share of the enterprise's profits or rewards, ideally by way of an atomically trustless operation that both provides the funding and secures the rewards (or at least, as many rewards as possible) in advance.

We've all seen 'DeFi' reinvent finance by freeing its tools from the traditionally extreme forms of central control, but 100% decentralisation has been, in many cases, lacking, or else made of empty promises. The effects of 'DeFi', therefore, on how genuine productivity gets capitalised in the first place (rather than merely refinanced) have been limited at best, leaving most of the economy lagging behind a dangerously overextended 'DeFi' bubble.

Currency traders cannot continue to move at light speed while everyone else remains in the past. What we are looking at is an incomplete upgrade. The economy has one foot in the present but the other foot testing new ground on which the concrete has not been poured. But the future will be both decentralised and fully capitalised, or it will fail. So how is that going to work, exactly? How will genuine 'DeCap' operate?

This website is here to find out.